Felony DUI And Evading Charges After Police Chase In Yuba

A great majority of DUI arrests begin when a law enforcement official observes a driver breaking a traffic law. They may also just observe the driver acting in a manner that leads them to believe they are intoxicated. Most officers will engage their lights and sirens and give instructions over the loudspeaker to pull over. Sometimes, drivers attempt to flee. When this occurs, if the driver is intoxicated, this fact can be considered when determining if the driver was driving recklessly. If they become involved in an accident and people are injured or killed, the driver can be charged with not only the DUI charges, which can be a felony, but also with a felony fleeing law enforcement charge.

The Sacramento Bee reports on a woman facing felony DUI and evading charges after leading police on a chase.

A suspected DUI crash in Yuba led to four people being injured on Monday.

A Yuba County Sheriff’s Office deputy attempted to pull over 20-year-old Shania Teasley as she left Maryville. Teasley was headed southbound on Highway 70. Teasley disregarded the officer’s instructions to pull over and led the deputy on a chase lasting about a mile.

She then exited the highway and turned east on North Beale Road heading into Linda. It was here that she collided with an SUV that had been turning east as well. This caused the SUV to then hit a pole.

Of the seven occupants in the SUV, four were hospitalized. Two of them were children, aged 8 and 14. They had to be airlifted to Sacramento area hospitals with serious injuries.

Teasley, whom police believe was under the influence, was not injured. She was arrested and booked into Yuba County Jail on suspicion of felony DUI with injury and evading arrest. She has a bond of $150,000.


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