Family of Slain Victim Asks for Leniency in DUI Case

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The families of those injured and killed as a result of DUI accidents often call for change. Sometimes that change is in the form of harsher sentences and penalties for those who drive drunk. However, some families see that harsher sentences may not be the answer.

The family of a woman killed in a DUI-related accident asked the judge for leniency in deciding the sentence of the man at the wheel.

Anthony Perez Rodriguez sobbed in court as the judge sentenced him to six years in prison. His sentence could have been as long as ten years.

On July 22, Rodriguez was traveling along Carmel Valley Road when he slammed head-on into a vehicle being driven by Enid Diane Mayer-Sheaf. Sheaf was returning home from saying good-bye to her mother-in-law, who was on her deathbed. Rodriguez underwent a roadside sobriety test. Afterwards, he was taken into custody. Two hours after the crash, his blood-alcohol content was 0.16, which is twice the legal limit.

Within just a few hours, Mayer-Sheaf’s husband lost his mother and his wife.

Surprisingly, he asked the court for leniency. He did not believe that prison would reform Rodriguez.

The victim’s husband, Danny Sheaf, said, “I don’t the prison term is going to be the answer to the problem.” He continued, “Alcohol is out there and […] people take advantage of it and they wind up making mistakes.”

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