Ethan Cutkosky Arrested for DUID

California has two distinctions of DUIs. One is your typical driving under the influence, commonly called DUI, for those who drive while intoxicated with alcohol. There is another DUI, however, for driving while under the influence of drugs, called DUID. Unlike alcohol, where there is a blood-alcohol threshold of .08 to determine legal drunkenness, DUID has no threshold. In order to determine DUID, a blood test is usually given, though in some cases, a urine test may be given. Different observations are required for police to arrest on a suspected DUID than on a DUI. Typically, a drug recognition expert is called in to observe a suspect. This DRE often later testifies in court. The New York Daily News reports on the arrest of “Shameless” star Ethan Cutkosky for DUID.

Ethan Cutkosky plays bad boy character Carl Gallagher on the hit Showtime series. He was arrested and booked for DUI earlier this month in Los Angeles.

According to the police report, Cutkosky was straddling lanes in his orange BMW at about 10:30 pm. He was also driving at an unsafe speed when cops pulled the 18-year-old over.

A public information officer for the Burbank Police Department stated that officers detected the ‘distinct smell of burnt marijuana.’ Cutkosky also admitted to having smoked marijuana earlier that night.

A toxicology report is still pending.

Cutkosky was released on $5,000 bail. He is due back in court on November 29th.

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