Elderly Woman Succumbs To DUI Driver

The Mercury News reports on a woman succumbing to injuries suffered in an accident just a day after her birthday.

On February 4, 2018, just before 10 p.m., a 2013 Hyundai was traveling southbound on Silicon Valley Boulevard and allegedly ran a red light. The vehicle then crashed into a 2018 Toyota RAV-4 turning from the freeway off-ramp.

53-year-old Elizabeth Marie Almanderez was identified as the driver of the Hyundai. Finis Uyeda, then 83, was identified as the driver of the Toyota.

Both drivers were rushed to area hospitals.

Initially, Uyeda survived her injuries. Sadly, she succumbed to those same injuries on February 28th, a day after her 84th birthday.

Almanderez was arrested on charges of felony DUI. Police were only recently informed of Uyeda’s death and will submit the information in the case to the county district attorney’s office.

This accident moves the number of fatal accidents in San Jose to 11.

According to California law, a DUI charge can be either a felony or a misdemeanor. Most DUIs are considered misdemeanors unless certain circumstances are met. Those circumstances include injuring or killing someone while driving under the influence, if you have three or more previous DUI convictions, and if you have a previous felony DUI conviction. If you are convicted of felony DUI, you face serious fines and jail time. In addition, you are not allowed to own a firearm and you can temporarily lose your right to vote.


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