DUI Percentages In Major Cities

When it comes to DUI statistics, nationwide, they seem to be showing a downward trend. However, when looking at a city by city basis and then comparing those cities, a list can be formed of which states rank highest to lowest. The information comes from Insurify, which got the data from those seeking automobile insurance. It asked whether or not anyone who would be on the policy had been charged with DUI in the past 7 years. These numbers were then compared with population and then by the national average to rank 25 cities for DUI instances. Wiscnews.com reports.

New York, New York

Of course, being one of the most populous cities in the United States you’d thing that there would likely be more DUIs. 1.12% of the population of New York have DUIs on their record, which is actually lower than the national average. There is also greater access to ride-sharing services and public transportation.

Los Angeles, California

Like New York, Los Angeles is one of the most populated cities in America. However, unlike New York, Los Angeles has a DUI average that is 8% higher than the national average. 1.71% of the population reports a DUI on their record. Here, a whopping 26% of traffic fatalities involve alcohol.

Chicago, Illinois

The Windy City, another densely populated metropolis, actually has very low DUI rates, with only 0.53% of drivers having a DUI on their record. This is 66% lower than the national average. However, having infamously strict DUI laws, such as those in Chicago are a deterrent.

Houston, Texas

Only 0.89% of people in Houston report having a DUI on their record, making this city the lowest of those listed in Texas. Houston’s DUI rate compared to the national average is 44% lower.

Phoenix, Arizona

While 25% of traffic accidents involve someone under the influence of alcohol, only 1.78% of residents report a DUI. This makes Phoenix register at just 13% higher than the national average. Like Chicago, Phoenix has some rather strict DUI laws, allowing for arrests of those with a BAC under .08% if intoxication is suspected.

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