DUI Driver Kills Self and Two Others in Crash

Broken glass by the car


People who have been convicted of DUI multiple times are likely to offend again. Even with programs in place in some counties in California requiring interlock devices, some people offend multiple times. Eventually, this catches up with them in some form.

In Solana Beach, California, a wrong way driver has killed himself and two others in an accident. The accident occurred in the early morning hours of Tuesday last week.

The driver was identified as David Michael Elmore of Encinitas, California. Records indicate that the driver had a history of DUI. He had been convicted three times previously of driving under the influence in 2012 and 2013.

Before the fatal crash, Elmore had made a U-turn just before the border at Tijuana, Mexico. Border agents chased the car at speeds reaching 100 mph at times. Due to speeds involved, attempts to place spike strips to stop the vehicle were unsuccessful.

Elmore, who was driving a Mercedes, crashed headlong into a Chrystler sedan. He had been driving the wrong way on the interstate at the time of the collision. Sadly, Elmore and the two occupants of the sedan lost their lives in the crash.

Tests are being performed to determine if Elmore had drugs or alcohol in his system at the time of the crash. The names of the victims occupying the sedan have not yet been released.

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