DUI Conviction for Arrested Woman that Killed Pedestrian

People with multiple DUI convictions are guaranteed to face harsher charges and penalties with each DUI they are charged with.  With each passing DUI, the jail sentences and the fines may grow, leading to long prison sentences and large fines. A woman with a thirty-year history of DUI charges was arrested and charged by Memphis, Tennessee police in the death of a pedestrian who had been helping a motorcyclist.

Linda Cartwright, 55, was arrested on June 16 by Memphis police.  She was charged with her fourth DUI, aggravated vehicular homicide, public intoxication, leaving the scene of an accident involving death, and reckless driving.

The police report states that Cartwright drove her car directly into a 60-year old male who was assisting a motorcyclist who had been injured in a crash just prior.  A witness thought it was debris from the motorcycle wreck flying in the air, and was horrified to discover it was the man who had been assisting the injured motorcyclist.

Cartwright left the scene and drove to her home in a mobile home park about 200 yards away from the scene.  Police stated that Cartwright admitted to having been drinking at Southland Park Casino in West Memphis, Arkansas.  

Cartwright was being held on $250,000 bond, pending her arraignment, which occurred on June 20.

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