DUI Causes Lawyer To Face Disbarrment

Like many states, California has laws regarding certain professionals and what may happen if they are convicted of a DUI. Doctors can lose their license to practice medicine in the state if they are convicted. Similarly, attorneys can also be disbarred if they are convicted of DUI. The North California Record reports on an attorney whose disbarment was recommended.

George Rafael Angulo was sentenced to 1 year and 4 months in state prison in May of 2016 after being convicted of DUI following a June 2014 incident where he fell asleep in his car while waiting in line to enter Leo Carrillo State Park. After being determined as drunk by a park officer, the Ventura County District Attorney filed an amended felony complaint the following March.

The following September 2016, Angulo was placed under suspension by the California State Bar following the conviction.

On January 30, the state bar recommended Angulo’s disbarment in a 13-page recommendation. He was ordered to be involuntarily moved to inactive status three calendar days following the decision.

The final decision is pending action by the California Supreme Court. Angulo may appeal the decision or he could allow the time in which an appeal may be filed to expire.

Thus far, Angulo has not participated in the decision personally or via counsel, leaving the state’s decision for the recommendation of disbarment to be entered by default. If an attorney does not participate in a disciplinary matter despite adequate notice, Rule 5.85 is invoked.

Rule 5.85 allows for the procedure for the state bar to recommend disbarment.


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