DUI Arrests Increase Around the Holidays

Police Arrest

With all of the parties, gatherings, family dinners, and the like, it is no wonder that DUI arrests increase during the holiday season. Despite vocal promotion of such policies of arresting people who drink and drive, law enforcement agencies see a rise in DUIs during this time of the year.

Across Western Montana, jails have seen several new inmates, all of them charged with DUI over the past weekend.

Despite using such slogans as “Don’t drink and drive,” and “Drive sober or get pulled over,” law enforcement agencies across western Montana saw over a dozen arrests for DUI. Gallatin County Detention Center saw the arrival of six new inmates. Missoula County officials arrested five people. In Flathead County, a total of eight people were arrested. All arrests were DUI related.

Luckily, Butte-Silver Bow saw no arrests for DUI.

Officials said that the numbers are somewhat typical. However, the number of arrests for Flathead was a little high.

Butte residents admitted that they planned to stay safe by either designating a sober driver or by making alternate plans for the times when they plan to imbibe.

Law enforcement officials state that one reason the number of DUI arrests go up during the holidays is because there are more drivers on the road.

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