Driver Allegedly Blows A .30 In Rollover Crash

Everyone is probably aware that the legal blood-alcohol content for drivers in every state is .08% for adults. It may be lower for those who possess a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), but the reasoning behind that limit is sound.

Beginning at .06% to .099%, a person begins to show lapses in judgment and coordination as well as slurred speech and difficulty with balance.
At .100% to .129%, reaction time, speech, balance, peripheral vision, hearing, and motor coordination are all impaired.
At .200% to .249%, total mental confusion will appear and the subject may black out.
At .250% to .399%. alcohol poisoning sets in. At levels over .40%, coma and death due to respiratory arrest are possible.

The LA Times reports on a rollover crash where the suspect allegedly had a .30% blood-alcohol-content.

51-year-old Ramelle Bayer was arrested following a crash that flipped her SUV on the evening of Wednesday, June 6th.

The crash occurred just after 9:30 p.m. as Bayer was driving a Range Rover on South Coast Highway near Mountain Road in Laguna Beach. The SUV struck an Audi, which was unoccupied, causing the SUV to roll onto its side.

Bayer had to be extracted from the vehicle according to a report from authorities.

Bayer was not injured in the accident, but was visibly intoxicated, according to police Sgt. Jim Cota. Cota also revealed that Bayer’s blood alcohol content was nearly four times te legal limit at .30%.

The crash caused South Coast Highway to be closed in both directions as officers investigated the collision.


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