Don’t Need a Crash to get Arrested for DUI

A DUI can end up costing the person accused greatly. Not only are you faced with the potential loss of your license, but there are thousands of dollars in fines and in DUI school costs that must be paid. That’s before you pay your attorney and after you spend a minimum of 48 hours in jail. These are the penalties if you don’t injure anyone. For one woman, as the Ventura County Star reports, her DUI accident involved only her vehicle.

In a crash that ignited a brush fire, a Simi Valley woman found herself arrested under suspicion of DUI.

CHP received reports of a vehicle that had struck a guard rail and arrived on the scene shortly after 8:53 pm. The incident occurred westbound on Highway 118 just west of Rocky Peak Road.

The car then traveled between 150 and 200 feet to come to a rest in a ditch where it caught fire. The driver was the sole occupant of the car and managed to pull herself from the vehicle. She was suffering from major injuries which included a nasal fracture and several abrasions.  

An ambulance transported her to Holy Cross Medical Center in Mission Hills. She was released from police custody while in the hospital.

Police obtained samples from the hospital and forwarded them to the District Attorney’s office to determine if charges would be filed.

The accident ignited a brush fire which forced the closure of two lanes of the highway for a time. All lanes were reopened by 4 a.m.

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