Difficult Case For Man Deported More Than A Dozen Times

A DUI story is getting major attention in southern California due to the circumstances involved. The LA Times is covering the situation.

A man is accused of driving drunk and hitting a car after going through a stop sign illegally. The driver then sped off from the scene. The incident happened last Saturday. Yesterday, he pled not guilty to the charges arrayed against him.

However, there are some complications in the case that will make it difficult for him to win. First, a young boy was injured in the crash. He is recovering in the hospital now after surgery. The family was on their way back from Disneyland.

Second, the man is an illegal immigrant who has been deported 15 times in the past. The last deportation happened in January. This will not play out well in court. Immigration officers want to deport him again, but they may have to wait for several years if the man is convicted of his crimes. If convicted of all charges, he may spend just under eight years in prison.

The defense is trying to prevent the deportation of a passenger that was also in the truck with the accused at the time of the accident. They believe he may be a material witness.

In serious DUI cases like these, you need strong representation. If you’ve been charged with DUI and live in Los Angeles County, call us for a free consultation.

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