Derek Fisher Officially Charged With DUI

A few weeks ago, we talked about a crash involving Derek Fisher on the 101. That case is proceeding according to He’s been formally charged with two counts of DUI.

On June 4th, Fisher was driving on the 101 when he lost control of his Escalade. He hit a guardrail and flipped several times. Several witnesses called 911, fearing the worst.

Miraculously, both he and his girlfriend were fine. They used OnStar to communicate with police to report the incident. Fisher was arrested and taken to jail for testing. The report says nothing about whether or not Fisher has confessed to DUI or put in a plea.

However, he has said that he promises to never do something like this again, which would seem like he plans to plead guilty or no contest to the charges. At most, he faces six months in jail. However, since this is his first offense he may only have to pay fines and spend time in probation.

Courts recognize that sending someone to jail for their first offence of DUI will rarely get them sober. Tools like ignition interlock devices, DUI classes, probation, license suspension, and fines do a better job and can, in the long run, be more of a hassle than a short stint in jail. But even with the hassle, it’s still better than jail.

If you’ve been arrested for DUI, you’ll need someone on your side that can fight for you in court. Contact our Los Angeles DUI Team today for a consultation. The sooner we start, the better your chances will be. Don’t wait.

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