Delaware Man Hit with Sixth DUI

DUI felony

When it comes to DUIs, it is hoped that people would learn not to drink and drive at all. If they do, getting caught once should be enough of a lesson not to repeat it. Some people, however, manage to get caught multiple times driving under the influence.

In Laurel, Delaware, a man was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence for the sixth time.

On January 11th, police officers pulled over 51-year-old William Terry for speeding. Officers clocked his speed at 78 m.p.h in a 55 m.p.h zone. Laurel police officer Christopher Story reported that Terry refused to submit to a breathalyzer test to determine his blood alcohol level.

Police obtained a search warrant to draw blood from Terry. Although his blood alcohol content was not reported, the test did reveal that Terry had been driving under the influence. He was subsequently charged with DUI.

Terry was required to have installed an interlock device on his vehicle. The device was not installed. This is Terry’s sixth DUI charge. His DUI convictions date back to 1990.

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