De La Hoya Arrested for Alleged DUI in Pasadena

Los Angeles is full of famous people, not just because of population density but also because of the film and sport industry. But the eyes of the law don’t care if you’re famous or not when you’re caught driving DUI on LA streets?

The boxer Oscar De La Hoya has been arrested for DUI in Pasadena. He was allegedly under the influence while speeding. The officers that pulled him over reported the smell of alcohol from the vehicle. A failed sobriety test led to his arrest.

While the arrest won’t harm his sporting career, he’s been retired since 2008, it does tarnish his legacy. Once you’ve reached a certain level of fame, all of your actions get noticed even after retirement. Thus, if you want to be famous and stay that way you need to learn to control your liquor and not drive drunk.

That said, there is a legal limit of 0.08 BAC. Until we can carry around accurate breathalyzers that are taken as valid by the legal system, or some other way of accurately measuring BAC, we have to use our judgement of how much we can consume before going out on the roads. Breath measurements can also be inaccurate if they’re taken incorrectly. With the penalties for DUI so high, you need to make sure that the state’s evidence truly says what they think it does.

Have you been arrested for DUI in Los Angeles? Speak to our DUI defense team immediately. We can help you, but the sooner you call us the better your chances are. Call now.

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