City Manager Charged with DUI Four Months after Incident

Could preferential treatment be behind the story of why a former city manager didn’t get charged with DUI for four months after the incident? That’s what some are alleging in a report from CBS Los Angeles.

The former Fullerton city manager got into a crash on election night of last year. He ran his van into a fence and a tree then left the scene in the early morning hours. Police stopped him for questioning. The report said that the man smelled of alcohol, but for whatever reason, no charges were presented. The city manager did pass a field sobriety test first. No breathalyzer test was given.

The owners of the home that was hit didn’t even receive an apology. But now, four months later, city prosecutors have decided to file DUI and hit-and-run charge against the man. The mayor told the reporter that there is now an investigation to see whether or not the driver received preferential treatment from police.

If the allegations are true, this is a terrible abuse of power. Thousands of people get arrested for DUI throughout the Los Angeles area. All have to face the potential penalties in the court of law. The way to do that is to have an experienced DUI lawyer on your side in accordance with the legal philosophies of this country, not to use your powers to intimidate the police.

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