Circle-K Windows Smashed by Driver

Those who remember their 80’s movies know about Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. They may even remember the line “Strange things are afoot at the Circle-K.” Well, one Circle-K got something strange indeed. A vehicle crashed through the front of the Circle-K in Fullerton. NBC Los Angeles has the story.

The crash happened just before midnight at the Circle-K on North Placentia Avenue. A 19-year-old was trying to park in front of the store but instead kept going through the front windows.

Thankfully, the vehicle didn’t get very far into the store, but the front windows were trashed. Luckily there was no one in the store at the time. The driver was arrested and charged with DUI.

It’s a good bet that whenever there is a dramatic crash, the driver is going to be charged with suspicion of DUI. The prosecution would love to charge as many people with DUI as they can. It’s a great way to get dangerous drivers off the road, but many people innocent of DUI get swept up by these charges.

That’s why you must have a DUI lawyer on your side whenever you’re charged with it. You need someone experienced. If you live in the Los Angeles area, you need the team from our Los Angeles DUI team. Call us today if you’ve been charged with DUI. You have only 10 days to keep your license from being suspended after your arrest.

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