Cinco de Mayo Means Increased Police Presence

It’s Cinco de Mayo tomorrow, and you know what that means. A lot of Mexican food, even more margaritas and tequila, and more DUI patrols than you can shake a maraca at. The LA Times revealed the details of two increased patrols that will be happening over the weekend celebrations.

Newport Beach and Laguna Beach are releasing additional officers for DUI patrol during the popular drinking holiday. They are also going to be looking for drivers who are DUI on prescription drugs and cannabis as well.

Forty people died last year nationwide during Cinco de Mayo celebrations. But it’s not all tragedy. For designated drivers, there is an app released by the California Office of Traffic Safety that could get you some good meal deals if you’re a designated driver. It’s called DDVIP.

If you’re going to be holding a drinking party for Cinco de Mayo, we urge you to stay home or get a designated driver. This will make your partying much safer and much less expensive. You don’t want the penalties of DUI to be added to the pain of your hangover.

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