Charter Bus Driver Charged With DUI After Strange Behavior On Student Bus

City buses, charter buses, school buses all need the driver to have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) in order to operate them. There are many careers that a DUI could affect, but anything involving having a CDL is one of the careers that could be affected most. That is because California, like many states, has a lowered threshold for DUI for those with a CDL. For most adults, the .08% blood-alcohol level is common. For someone with a CDL, that level is lowered to .04%. This is in effect regardless of whether the license holder is driving their own vehicle at the time of a DUI. NBC Los Angeles reports on a charter bus driver shuttling a team of high school students that was charged with DUI.

Last week, charter bus driver Aaron Friedman was shuttling the George Washington High School swim team when coach Danny Camacho realized something was not right.

The team was returning to campus following a swim meet. Camacho began filming the strange behavior of the bus driver.

Camacho tried to tell the driver that the bus in front of them could not move because it was stopped at a red light. The driver is heard cursing at the bus and is seen in the cell phone video following too closely.

When the driver began slurring his words, Camacho went to the back of the bus to dial 911 to get help.

At this point, Friedman tried to execute a u-turn and struck a telephone pole. Friedman stopped the bus suddenly and went to the back to go to the restroom. Camacho used the opportunity to get the team off of the bus.

Friedman has pleaded not guilty in court, but the district attorney’s office reported that he has to wear an alcohol monitor and he cannot drive. He also has a protective order in place on behalf of those on the bus.


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