Bus Driver Arrested For DUI

Normally, the level to be considered driving under the influence in California is .08% blood-alcohol. That level is lessened when it comes to those driving commercial vehicles to .04%. The law even extends to being in effect even if a driver with a commercial driver’s license (CDL) is in their own personal vehicle. In California, a DUI will always result in a person’s CDL being suspended. This can result in a CDL driver losing their job and being unable to work in that field until their license is reinstated.

The Alpenhorn News reports on a school bus driver thought to be under the influence while driving the bus. On March 2, 59-year-old Debbie Holechek was arrested at the Rim of the World United School District’s bus yard for DUI.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) received a call to respond to an accident that occurred at the yard. The accident involved a 2005 Thomas School bus driven by Holchek and an empty 1995 Thomas School Bus. Holcheck parked the bus southward, in the wrong direction due to the level of intoxication. She reversed the bus and the left front mirror struck the fuse panel of the other bus.

Previously, Holechek had failed a drug test and had attended rehab and counseling. She was also attending AA meetings. However, a source indicated that Holechek may have “fallen off the wagon.” The source also indicated that the district office are trying to keep the incident quiet.

Holechek was released from custody on March 3 with a cite and release status.


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