Bus Driver Arrested For DUI In Golden Gate Crash

In California, a person possessing a commercial driver’s license (CDL) is considered drunk once they reach .04%. For many, this can be having ingested as little as one drink or even the morning after a night of heavy drinking. Being caught with a blood-alcohol content of .04% means that a person’s CDL is automatically suspended for one year. Getting caught again will result in its revocation for life. Unlike a regular driver’s license, a person cannot apply for a restricted CDL, but they can apply for a restricted regular driver’s license to go to and from work or school. The Sacramento Bee reports on a bus driver who was arrested for DUI.

34-year-old Angela Teasley was driving a commercial bus with 40 passengers when she hit a railing on the Golden Gate Bridge. When she didn’t stop after the collision, her passengers realized that something was wrong. One of those passengers pulled out a cell phone and called 911.

That call was made at about 9:25 a.m. It wouldn’t be the last report that authorities received as the bus spend north on Highway 101. Calls from passengers and motorists alike flooded 911 as Teasley drove erratically and sped towards Graton Resort & Casino in Rohert Park.

An attempt by police to stop the bus in Petaluna was unsuccessful when they were unable to get into position fast enough.

Rohert Park Police were finally able to catch up to Teasley when she pulled into the casino. California Highway Patrol arrived shortly thereafter.

A DUI evaluation performed on Teasley determined that she was nearly four times the normal legal limit of .08% – close to .32%. This would be nearly eight times the legal limit for commercial drivers.

Teasley was booked into the Sonoma County Jail. The company that owned the bus, Storer Transportation, did not comment on the incident.


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