Bill Clinton’s Brother Arrested for DUI

Not even the families of politicians, celebrities, and professional athletes are immune from media scrutiny.  The scrutiny seems to intensify when they allegedly break the law.  In an election year, it can only intensify media coverage, especially for politicians.

Former president Bill Clinton’s younger brother has been arrested on suspicion of DUI.

Roger Clinton, 59, of Torrence, California, was still in custody as of Monday morning but was eventually released on $15,000 bond.  

The arrest came after a “concerned citizen” contacted police Sunday night to report a possible DUI driver.  In a statement released by the Redondo Beach Police Department, the caller reported a driver traveling south on the Pacific Coast Highway driving erratically.  

The same driver followed the suspect until police pulled him over.  The arrest took place near Torrence Boulevard and Prospect Avenue.

The arrest came just two days before the California primary, in which sister-in-law Hillary Clinton is locked in a tight race with opponent Bernie Sanders, the senator from Vermont.

Clinton has a history of DUI.  He was arrested in 2001 in Hermosa Beach on suspicion of DUI.  He was also pardoned by his brother in January of 2001 on charges stemming from a 1985 arrest for distribution of cocaine.

A court appearance is scheduled for September 2.  It was not immediately clear if Clinton had obtained the services of an attorney.

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