Anza Man Convicted For DUI Crash

My News LA updated readers on an ongoing DUI case, reporting that a 21-year-old Anza man was found guilty last Friday or two charges of DUI gross vehicular manslaughter and a myriad of other offenses.

A 21-year-old convicted felon was convicted by a jury of his peers for his role in a head-on collision north of Desert Center in which his passenger, an Anza woman twenty years of age, as well as the driver of the truck he hit, a Banning man 57 years of age, were both killed. The felon was 18 when the wreck occurred in 2018.

According to representatives from the California Highway Patrol, the man was eastbound en route to Lake Havasu City for Independence Day celebrations when he began aggressively passing other vehicles. He entered the westbound lanes one time too many and struck a pickup truck head-on. Both victims died at the scene from the violent crash. 

The man faces a maximum prison sentence of 14 years for the conviction of two counts of DUI gross vehicular manslaughter and one count of driving under the influence of alcohol causing bodily injury. The jury deadlocked on the charge of driving with a blood-alcohol content exceeding .08% causing bodily injury, which led to a mistrial being declared solely for that charge. 


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