Anti-Marijuana Protesters Explain Reasons Why Prop. 64 Should Fail

With voting season coming up, Proposition 64 in California is drawing many supporters and detractors alike. The legislation would legalize the recreational use of Marijuana for adults 21-years-old and over. Some organizations are coming out against the legislation, saying it would be a danger to society.

The Automobile Club of Southern California came out against the legislation earlier this month. One factor they considered is the fact that drug-impaired driving is on the rise. They believe that the impending legislation could make it worse.

According to the organization, 20% of all fatal accidents in California involve at least one driver who was impaired by drugs.

Kathy Sieck, who is the senior vice president of public affairs for the club had this to say: “Prop. 64 is a gamble on the public’s safety, which isn’t a risk worth taking, especially when drug-impaired driving is on the rise.”

Those in support of the bill say that it includes a requirement for extensive public health information campaigns. It will include information regarding the dangers of driving while impaired by weed. It will also include information about the health risks of using the drug.

Californians for Responsible Marijuana Reform also contend that the legislation provides $3 million a year to the California Highway Patrol. The money will be used in the development of updated DUI protocols for determining if a driver is under the influence of marijuana. In addition, those funds will also be earmarked for enforcing strict measures against children acquiring the drug.

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