Another LA Employee Accused of DUI

DUI charges occur daily without making the news. However, celebrities, athletes, and politicians seem immune to this general rule. If one of these members of society happens to get charged with a DUI, it seems the press always finds out about the charges.

Police records indicate that another city of Los Angeles employee has been charged with DUI.

Lisa Trifiletti, 40, was arrested on February 10 on Valley Heart Drive in the San Fernando Valley. Trifiletti was operating a city vehicle at the time of the arrest and was charged with two counts of DUI.

In her March arraignment, Trifiletti pleaded not guilty. Her next court appearance is set for June 9th.

Trifiletti is a top manager for Los Angeles World Airports. She oversees planning and environmental issues for the airport.

According to LAX public relations director Nancy Suey Castles, Trifiletti was in an automobile accident prior to the arrest. There were no injuries as a result of the accident. Trifiletti notified her supervisor of the incident the following day. She also willingly gave up use of the city vehicle.

Trifiletti’s arrest came just a few weeks prior to the arrests of two other Los Angeles City Council staffers who were also arrested on charges of DUI. One of the staffers was also driving a city vehicle at the time.

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