Another Disney Actor Arrested for DUI

A couple of months ago it went reported that yet another Disney actor was in trouble with the law.  Debby Ryan, the star of the Disney Channel show “Jessie” had been arrested for DUI in California.  The arrest came after the star crashed her Audi into a Mercedes in Los Angeles.

On Friday, July 1, the star pleaded no-contest to a charge of reckless driving.  

The plea means that the 23-year-old actress will not have to serve any jail time as a result of the charges.  Instead, Ryan will have to serve three years of probation, attend a mandatory 3-month DUI program and perform community service.

Due to pleading no contest to the charge of reckless driving, two other charges against the actress were dropped.  One of the charges was for driving under the influence and the other charge was driving with a blood-alcohol content of .08 or lower.

A no contest plea means that Ryan does not admit guilt in the charges but that she also does not dispute the charges against her.  In California, the plea is still counted as a criminal conviction.

A representative for Ryan declined to comment on the outcome of the case.  

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