Alleged DUI Driver Leads Police On A Chase Through Hollywood

An alleged drunk driver led police on a chase through the streets of Hollywood like something out of a movie. ABC 7 reported on the chase and eventual crash.

The chase started around 4:30 PM last Friday after police tried to pull over a blue Mitsubishi for possible drunk driving. The woman behind the wheel began a police chase that went through Hollywood Boulevard, Santa Monica Boulevard, and other major thoroughfares in the area.

Police tried using a PIT technique to force her to stop, but she managed to dodge it. PIT techniques are special tactics police use to intercept speeding vehicles with their own cars. As the chase continued, they also tried using spike strips, but not even those slowed the car down.

The chase lasted almost a half hour, but ended when the woman crossed a red light at Santa Monica Boulevard and Highland Avenue. The Mitsubishi was t-boned by two vehicles and sent it spinning onto a sidewalk. The woman stepped out of the car and officers swarmed in.

She was taken into custody without incident. There is no word in the article about whether the people in the other cars were injured in the accident.

Even if this woman turns out to be sober at the time, she clearly put her life and the life of the public into the hands of fate by starting a police chase in such a busy part of Los Angeles.


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