Alleged DUI Driver Crashes through Crash Scene

Police sometimes must close roads and intersections for a time in order to investigate accidents. When this happens, they are usually well lit and police have the lights flashing on their cars to advise other motorists of the closure. While investigating a DUI, police had closed a street, only to catch another possible DUI driver who crashed through the closed lanes as KRON 4 reports.

Shortly after 9 p.m. this past Sunday, Logologoa Taumaloto Tevaseu, 35, was driving a 2006 Dodge Ram southbound on Lakeville Highway. Witnesses report that Tevaseu was allegedly attempting to pass cars on the opposite side of the double yellow road when he crashed head-on into a 2015 Toyota Corolla.

The driver of the Toyota, who was 21 and from Oakley, was killed in the accident.

The incident sparked a chain reaction where three other cars collided with the Toyota or into one another. All occupants suffered minor to major injuries.

Officers arrested Tevaseau for DUI, but he refused testing. He was taken to the CHP office in Rohnert Park. A warrant was obtained for a blood draw. Tevaseau has a previous drunk driving offense. Due to this and statements he made during questioning, he will be charged with murder.

Marin CHP closed the scene of the accident and was manning the closure when an Acura RSX rapidly approached the scene. The car never slowed, causing officers to have to run out of the way.

The Acura moved onto the right-hand shoulder, drove past the barricades, and crashed into a parked CHP car.

Officers rushed to the car to provide Ashley Leah Barnachea, 29, with aid. She was taken to Petaluma Valley Hospital for treatment where she was also arrested for DUI.

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