Alleged DUI Crash in Vermont Vista Kills Woman

KTLA 5 is reporting on a new alleged DUI crash in South LA that ended in a fatality. The woman in the case faces up to 10 years in prison if she is convicted.

The police say that the woman was driving drunk and going at a high rate of speed through the Vermont Vista neighborhood. She crashed into another vehicle and killed the elderly woman inside. The alleged drunk driver then fled the scene, but turned herself in two days later according to the report.

She has pled not guilty to the multiple felony charges she’s facing.

Given the range of charges the driver faces, it’s likely she’ll be hit with at least one, especially the hit and run charge. But it’s up to the prosecution to prove that the driver did what they say she did. It’s up to her lawyer to prove things otherwise.

Even when a case looks hopeless, a lawyer can help you. Hiring a lawyer experienced in fighting the charges you’re facing is your best defense. Even if you can’t disprove all of the charges, a good lawyer can work to make your sentence less lenient.

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