Alcohol Delivery Services are Expanding

A business in LA is one of a growing number that could help people from getting involved in DUI by delivering alcohol to your home. It’s called Saucey, and it could save lives.

The founders believe that most people go to liquor stores for convenience and impulse and decided to capitalize on on that by building a service that lets people purchase alcohol from home rather than going on a liquor run. The service just expanded to Sacramento and Chicago.

The app starts with asking for an address, then displays local liquor stores and their inventory. Once the user places an order, a driver from Saucey’s delivers the alcohol to the home, usually within 25-30 minutes. Customers have to show ID to the driver before they will hand over the alcohol.

Saucey’s is one of a growing number of alcohol delivery services that are looking to Uber’s business model as a way to make it happen. Partiers can get the alcohol they desire without risking a DUI, and local liquor stores still get the support they need to continue operating.

Whether you agree with the idea of alcohol consumption or not, we think people would agree that keeping drunk drivers off the road is a good idea. Here’s hoping these types of companies become a popular and safe way for people to get a drink without driving.

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