12 Injured In Tour Bus Driver Crash

In California, if a person is in an accident that involves driving under the influence, there are two possible charges if someone is injured. One of these charges is found in Vehicle Code (VC) 23153(a). This is used when a person has some alcohol or drugs in their system, but not enough to be “over the limit” and were acting in a way that shows they were impaired. The second charge is VC 23153(b), which is used when a person may not have been acting impaired, but they were over the legal limit. Either of these can be charged as a felony or a misdemeanor.

The Canyon News reports on a tour bus driver arrested for DUI after an accident led to 12 people being injured.

On June 23, Tylor Ferguson, the driver of a tour bus operated by Los Angeles USA tours was arrested on suspicion of DUI causing an accident.

The crash took place at Coldwater and Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills at about 9:47 p.m. The crash was in front of the Beverly Hills Fire Department Station.

The Beverly Hills Police Department reported that the van was struck from behind by a passenger vehicle, which caused the van to veer out of control. At least 12 passengers inside the van were injured. Some were transported by ambulance, but their injuries were said to be minor.

An officer gave Ferguson a field sobriety test. He failed three of the tests that make up the standard field sobriety test. Those tests were the horizontal gaze nystagmus, the walk-and-turn, and the one-leg stand. He was subsequently arrested on suspicion of DUI.

His blood was collected, and he was charged with DUI of Drugs.


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