In the Community

At Los Angeles DUI Attorney, we care deeply about our community and seek ways to give back.

Most of the work we do involves helping drivers receive the best legal representation possible. We believe strongly in this work, but we also know that there are many other needs going unmet in our community—and we decided to step up and help where we could.

In particular, we have seen firsthand the effects of diabetes in all its forms, and we know that this disease can easily derail lives. We believe that those diagnosed with diabetes should still be able to pursue their dreams, and in particular complete an education and launch the career they’ve always wanted. That’s why we established the first ever Los Angeles DUI Attorney Diabetes Scholarship.

The Diabetes Scholarship will give a grant of $1,000 to one dedicated student who lives with diabetes twice per year. We know that college is challenging for all students, but we believe students with diabetes face special challenges above and beyond those of most students. We hope that this scholarship will help level the playing field for one hard working individual.

You can get details on the scholarship and learn how to apply here.