Wet Reckless in a DUI Case

Wet reckless is a version of reckless driving often offered as a plea bargain in a California DUI case.

If you are arrested for DUI, the best outcome you can hope for is to have the charge dropped or dismissed, and walk away free. In cases where this isn’t possible, however, you may still be able to negotiate a plea deal that gives you a much lighter sentence. Often, a plea bargain involves reducing the charge from DUI to something less serious. Wet reckless is one of the most common DUI plea deals.

Wet reckless is basically just a reckless driving charge. The “wet” in the name is meant to imply that this wet reckless involved alcohol. (It can also refer to drugs.) There are many advantages to a wet reckless plea compared to a DUI:

  • Potentially less jail time
  • The fines and fees can cost significantly less
  • Having a prior DUI on your record doesn’t increase the sentence for wet reckless
  • No mandatory license suspension

Prosecutors aren’t quick to offer this kind of a deal. If you have no legal representation the only “deal” they’re likely to get is a DUI guilty plea with some minor reduction in sentence. It’s not worth it. Get a good DUI lawyer on your side that can fight the evidence against you and force the prosecutor to the bargaining table.

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