License Revocation for DUI

Having your driver’s license revoked means it is taken away permanently.

Losing your license is a mandatory penalty for all DUIs in California. But there’s a lot of confusion on how this works and how long it lasts. You will often hear the terms “license revocation” and “license suspension” causally used as if they mean the same thing. In general, they do not.

License suspension refers to having your license take away temporarily. The presumption is that you will get it reinstated a later date. Generally, you have to wait until a certain period of time passes and complete the terms of your probation to reinstate it.

License revocation means having your license taken away permanently. The presumption is that you will never drive again.

Situations where your license is permanently revoked for DUI are rare. They include:

  • If this is your fourth DUI conviction, you will lose your license permanently.
  • If you are convicted of DUI murder, an uncommon charge, you will lose it permanently.
  • If you are convicted of DUI Vehicular Manslaughter or DUI with Serious Injury, you may or may not have it revoked permanently.

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