Compensation for DUI

Compensation is money you may have to pay to the victims of your DUI if they choose to sue you.

A Los Angeles DUI involves many costs beyond the stated criminal fine. You could end up paying court administrative fees, restitution into a state fund or to the victims, and potentially even huge compensation claims.

Compensation is money paid when someone sues you. In a DUI case, any or all victims of the DUI may choose to file a lawsuit. They will typically seek compensation for losses such as:

  • Damage to their vehicle, home or yard
  • Medical bills for their injuries
  • Time missed at work due to the accident or injuries
  • Final expenses for the loss of a loved one
  • Pain, suffering and other damages for a death or serious injury

It is no exaggeration to say that these claims can easily run into six figures—but you may or may not have to pay it. In California, the victim can choose to either sue you directly, or go after your insurance company for the money. In most cases a lawyer will advise them to pursue an insurance claim, not a personal lawsuit. But not always.

If you are sued, there are three ways it can go:

  • The victim may win in civil court, and you owe the amount they’re asking
  • You might negotiate a settlement, which will likely be less than they’re asking but more than you can easily pay
  • You could win and owe nothing

The most crucial step to winning against a lawsuit is to not be convicted of DUI in the first place. If you’re convicted, the victim has all the evidence they need to prove that you’re responsible. But if you aren’t convicted , their lawsuit is much weaker.

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