Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed On Behalf Of Orphaned Girls Killed In DUI Crash

Last month, tragedy struck three young girls who were orphaned after a DUI crash in Orange County. Now a civil lawsuit has been filed against the accused driver. KTLA reported on the matter.

Back on December 8, police in Newport received a call about a hit-and-run crash near Newport Coast Drive and South Pelican Hill Road. Two cars were found wrecked at the scene along with the bodies of the parents. All three girls had to be taken to the hospital and are still in there as of December 11. The children are 5, 4, and 1 years old. Fortunately for the children, the aunts of the family are taking responsibility for raising them.

Thanks to police work, a woman named Grace Coleman was arrested for the accident. She’s facing five felony counts, two related to DUI, two murder charges, and a hit-and-run charge. She’s facing multiple decades in prison if she is convicted. Prosecutors believe that Grace’s blood alcohol content may have been above %0.20 at the time of the crash.

Given the murder charge, it is likely that Grace has a past history of DUI convictions. California law allows prosecutors to add murder charges in cases where a convicted DUI offender kills someone in a crash while DUI again.

The parents of Grace have also been named as defendants in the crash. It’s unknown from the news article why they have been added.

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