Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Deputy For Alleged DUI

CBS Channel 2 KCAL Channel 9 News Los Angeles reports that the parents of a woman killed in a Torrance car wreck are suing a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office deputy, accusing him of causing the car wreck while drunkenly participating in street racing. 

A Redondo Beach woman, 23 years of age, was killed in the accident that took place on July 8 in Torrance, CA, when the accused deputy, driving a Dodge Charger, slammed into a light pole on Crenshaw Avenue in Torrance. She was a passenger in the vehicle, and the deputy has not been charged in the crash despite allegedly driving drunk and participating in street racing activities. 

The woman’s parents have filed a wrongful death suit against the attorney, who is currently on paid administrative leave from the department.

“It’s shocking to me, and it disgusts the family and it disgusts my office that nothing was done here that should have been done,” the family’s attorney said. “But what should have happened is there should have been an investigation, and just because somebody is a sheriff’s deputy doesn’t mean they should get any different treatment than a normal citizen and that’s what we believe and the family believes is happening here.”

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