Wrong Way U-Turn Turns Into Deadly Explosion

Driving the wrong way down a one-way street or the wrong way down an interstate is one of the things that police officers look for when trying to determine if a person may be intoxicated. More than half of drivers who have driven the wrong way have been intoxicated at the time. A great majority of wrong-way accidents take place when it’s dark – and usually sometime between midnight and six am, which is also when a majority of drunk driving incidents take place. Wrong-way collisions are one of the most dangerous collisions to be involved in, usually because of the speeds involved.

The Ocean City Register reports on a wrong-way driver that tried to execute a U-turn and drove into a concrete divider.

Early Sunday morning, a driver was killed when the driver attempted to perform a U-turn and instead, struck the concrete divider. The car then burst into flames.

The calls started coming into the California Highway Patrol at about 4:45 a.m. indicating that a driver was going westbound in the eastbound lanes of the 91 Freeway.

The driver attempted to make a U-turn near the Lakeview exit in Anaheim Hills.

At the time of the accident, the driver was apparently speeding when it crashed into to concrete barrier divider at the center of the Freeway near the Euclid Street exit. Traffic cam footage shows other motorists speeding past the car, which was engulfed in flames.

The police closed all lanes in both directions for about an hour. After firefighters extinguished the blaze, westbound traffic was opened.

No details about the driver were released, including if drugs or alcohol may have been involved.


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