Wrong-Way Driver Kills Fresno Police Officer

Generally, a DUI is a misdemeanor charge in California, even if there are prior DUI convictions. This is true up to a certain point. A fourth DUI within 10 years can be charged as a felony. There are also DUI enhancements which can, at the very least, cause the sentence to be harsher. Some of these enhancements include underage DUI, excessive blood-alcohol content of over .15%, child endangerment, speeding, reckless driving, and injury or property damage. Any of these things can be charged as an enhancement, and depending on the severity, a misdemeanor DUI can become a felony.

ABC 30 reports on a driver in a wrong-way accident that claimed the life of Fresno police officer.

Witnesses say that the driver responsible for the February 4th crash was driving recklessly and erratically before he drove into oncoming traffic. This prompted a flood of calls to 911 reporting the driver.

26-year-old veteran Fresno police officer Ohia Vang was headed home from work when 33-year-old Cameron Pryor slammed into his vehicle. Pryor had been weaving in and out of traffic for miles before he ran a stoplight on Highway 180 and DeWolf and crashed head-on into Vang.

Vang died at the scene.

Cameron had been accused of a previous DUI in September of last year where a motorcyclist was killed. No charges were filed because Cameron’s toxicology reports came back clean.

Cameron does, however, does have a previous DUI conviction dating back to 2011.

According to a close friend, Cameron had relapsed and had refused to enter drug treatment last week.

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