Woman Thanks Officer For Arresting Her

Getting arrested for DUI is a bad experience, even if you get the charges dropped. But for some people it’s just the wakeup call they need to stop abusing alcohol. A story from TheSpec.com talks about a Huntington Beach woman who thanked the officer who arrested her.

In December of 2014, Cheyenne Iglesias was drinking and driving. Iglesias was leaving a party and hoped to make the 1.5 mile drive back without getting caught. She was wrong. On top of that, she was underage. She was caught, tried, and convicted of drunk driving. Now she says she is sober, and thanked her arresting officer in a Facebook post.

The officer in question has been quite busy. Due to its close location to the water and to I-55, there are quite a lot of bars in the area. It’s a hotspot for drunk driving and drunk driving crashes. In 2016, 354 people were arrested for DUI. That’s nearly one every day.

In this case, Iglesias became a responsible drinker, using designated drivers and Uber to get around even after a single drink. But many drinkers reoffend even after a DUI conviction. That’s a very dangerous situation for both the drinker and the public.

Each DUI offense makes it more difficult to defend against the next one. The penalties rack up quickly. If you need DUI defense and live in Los Angeles County call us, but after you’re finished with the legal system, seek help for your drinking so you don’t reoffend. You don’t want to get back into the same habit.

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