Woman Gets DUI Twice in the Same Night with the Same Car

Keys and hendcuffs on the boutle of beer

For most people, getting charged once for DUI would be enough to teach them a lesson. However, some people are charged multiple times for DUI over their lifetime. Multiple DUIs can often complicate matters, worsening charges for each DUI that is received.

In Somerset, PA, a woman was arrested at about 5PM this past Saturday. The arrest came after she crashed her car. After being charged with DUI, the woman was released. Most people would have called it a day and gone home.

Not Michele Leonard. Police say she paid a stranger $3 for a ride back to her crashed car. She then began driving the car again. At some point after entering the car for the second time, she lost control of the vehicle. Leonard then sideswiped a parked car. Shortly after this, she crashed her car into a parked garage at about 6PM. Note that this is just one hour after the initial accident and having been released after being charged with DUI.

Court records do not list an attorney for Leonard. Whether she is still in jail or has been released is also unknown.

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