Woman Driving On Rims Arrested For DUI

Was it someone’s extreme action to keep someone with alcohol off the road, or was it just a very strange mistake? Either way, a woman from the Napa Valley is in a lot of trouble after her DUI arrest. The Napa Valley Register has the story.

In Petaluma, police were notified that someone was driving a car on U.S. 101 without any tires on the passenger side. The vehicle was moving slowly and driving directly on the rims. The witness watched the car pull into a nearby gas station. When the witness tried to ask if the driver needed help they smelled alcohol, so they called 911.

The driver showed signs of extreme drunkenness according to police. A preliminary BAC test showed a 0.217 level, an extremely high amount. Unfortunately for the driver, she was already on probation for another DUI case and had a suspended license. She was taken to jail.

We have no illusions that everyone who accused of DUI is innocent. Some people do have a serious problem and need help. When a case looks hopeless, a DUI lawyer will try to convince the court that their client needs help, not jail time. But in cases of repeat DUI like this, especially with a probation violation, there may be no way to avoid a jail sentence.

Have you been accused of DUI in Los Angeles County? Call us as soon as you can. Time is of the essence.

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