Weston Cage Formally Charged with DUI, Hit-and-Run

A few weeks ago, we reported that Weston Cage, the son of actor Nicholas Cage, was arrested for alleged DUI and other charges. He has now been formally charged with DUI and two counts of hit-and-run according to the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office. PEOPLE magazine reported on the situation.

Police say that last month he crashed into several parked cars, mailboxes, and signs before hitting a tree. They were made aware of the situation after he was involved in another accident about a mile from where he was finally caught. A BAC test showed him to be at 0.15, which is nearly twice the legal limit.

Cage has struggled with alcohol abuse issues before. This is a sign that he needs to continue to fight. Successful DUI convictions can make it very difficult to live your life, even if you are the son of a movie star. Even just an arrest can lock you out of a job. Just because you’re a rock musician doesn’t mean that alcohol abuse is okay.

We hope that he can get the help he needs for his sake and the sake of his family. However, like all DUI arrestees, he has the right to an attorney and he deserves one who is skilled in DUI law. Hopefully, his lawyers and the prosecution can come to a deal that will get him the help he needs rather than put him in prison.

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