Weston Cage Arrested for DUI

Whether you’re famous or not, if you get caught running into multiple things the police are going to take an interest in you. But when you turn out to be a famous person and the entertainment news industry finds out, you’re going to get more publicity than you’d probably like.

Nicolas Cage’s son Weston is finding that out first-hand. He was arrested for DUI after running into several things in the San Fernando Valley area. Police say he crashed into street signs, mailboxes, and parked cars before finally hitting a tree.

Police caught him after the tree incident and took him to a hospital for treatment, and likely to get a blood test as well. He was arrested for DUI after treatment and is now out on bail. Police believe he may also have left the scene of other accidents where he hit things, but as of this time, Cage has not been charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

Cage has struggled with substance abuse problems in the past, according to the news article. He had been focusing on maintaining sobriety for the past few years after the birth of his son.

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