Video Captures Daring Motorcycle Chase

When it comes to DUI and an accident, there may be times when the accused driver decides not to stop. Thankfully, there are often people nearby to help police apprehend the accused criminal. As ABC7 Chicago reports, one motorcyclist went above and beyond helping police to track down a DUI suspect.

The entire incident was captured on video and then posted to YouTube by a user who goes by the name of Dick Danger.

The video depicts a black Mercedes moving at high speeds and crossing the yellow line before sideswiping a car headed in the opposite direction. The car just barely managed to get out of the way on time.

The Mercedes then clips the back of a pickup truck and then plows into a Toyota Prius stopped at a traffic light. The collision caused serious damage to the front end of the Mercedes.

After being confronted by one of the drivers, the driver of the Mercedes takes off in spite of damage done to the front end of the vehicle.

Danger then jumped on his motorcycle and gave chase. He stays on the phone with 911 so that information could be relayed to the officers.

The Mercedes made its way onto the 215 Freeway and then exited on Barton Road.

The driver briefly stopped at a veterinary clinic then got back onto the freeway. He eventually stopped, pulling over in Moreno Valley.

Danger spoke to the man until police arrived. First, a CHP officer arrived and detained the man until Colton police arrived.

The driver was identified as 62-year-old Nathaniel Sylvester. He was arrested on suspicion of DUI.

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