Uber May Change Hiring Policy for Drivers

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Uber has built a business on giving people rides to where they need to go. They employ many people from different walks of life: stay-at-home-moms, retirees, actors, musicians, and others. However, one type of person Uber does not hire is convicted felons.

On Wednesday, the company will announce an initiative that could change that policy. Uber will begin considering drivers whose felonies have been reduced to misdemeanors.

This could be a double-edged sword for the ride-sharing company. The move will provide a number of new drivers for the company at a time when they need more drivers due to demand. However, it will also open the company up to potential problems. The company has faced allegations of unsafe drivers and complaints about drivers being inappropriate in the past.

The move comes after Proposition 47, a ballot measure was passed in California in 2014. This measure allows certain felonies to be reclassified as misdemeanors. Such convictions as personal drug use, shoplifting, writing a bad check, and receiving stolen property valued at less than $950 can now be lessened to misdemeanor offenses.

This move is sure to raise some eyebrows, given the fact that the company’s lax background checks have been called into question previously. However, those who work with reintegrating convicted felons into society are praising the move. Some customers, however, feel that this may put their personal safety at risk.

Uber will still continue to enforce a no tolerance policy for people convicted of any kind of DUI, as well as acts of physical or sexual violence.

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