Uber Fined $1.1 Million by Regulators for DUI Reporting

The ride-hailing app Uber is under fire for not punishing drivers in its service who were accused of DUI by its passengers. In some cases, those who were accused of DUI were allowed to take one or two more fares before measures were taken. This, according to regulators, is unacceptable.

According to Silicon Beat, the California Public Utilities Commission is fining Uber $1.1 million dollars ($7,500 each) for 151 cases where the ride-sharing app did not investigate or suspend drivers who might have been driving under the influence. Uber has an opportunity to defend against the commission’s judgment.

By law, companies must have a zero tolerance for intoxication. There must be a clear and effective means of reporting anyone suspected of DUI. There must be contact information on the site to accept these allegations. Once the company receives a complaint, the company must promptly suspend the driver.

Not suspending the driver promptly endangers the passengers. Apparently, Uber suspended the drivers within an hour in only 22 cases. 89 cases had the driver there after an hour. 64 cases saw the driver giving more rides. The regulating committee took offense to that.

There have been complaints all around with the Uber process.

If you’ve been accused of DUI, there are many ways to negotiate with the court system. Give our offices a call, and we can help you out.

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