Uber Driver Arrested for DUI after Super Bowl

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When most people go to a bar or restaurant and have a few drinks, they have a plan in place for who will drive afterwards. Some rely on a designated driver and some call a taxi or rely on public transportation. More and more are beginning to rely on rideshare platforms like Uber and Lyft. But not all of the drivers on those platforms follow the rules.

Another Uber driver has been arrested on charges of DUI. This arrest comes on the heels of an Uber driver arrested on New Year’s Eve for allegedly driving under the influence.

This arrest took place on Super Bowl Sunday after the Uber driver had watched the big game at a bar. He was on his way to pick up passengers at the time of his arrest.

Robert Wing, 45, was stopped by police at about 1:45 am after slowing down at a green light. He also had no front license plate, according to a Simi Valley Police report.

As the police officers questioned him following the traffic stop, Wing made a statement that he was trying to make some extra cash. He also stated that he had already picked up passengers earlier in the evening prior to his arrest.

Police reports also indicate that the driver was unaware of his physical location and was relying on GPS for directions on where to go.

A blood alcohol test administered to Wing showed a BAC level of .25. This is more than three times the legal limit for a Class-C drivers license. Uber drivers are not required to hold a commercial driver’s license, which has a stricter BAC limit of .04.

Upon searching the car, officers at the scene found empty Coors Light cans under the driver’s seat. The driver was arrested and his car was impounded.

An Uber spokesperson stated that they are working with law enforcement to investigate the situation. The company also reiterated their zero-tolerance policy on drug or alcohol use for anyone driving on the Uber platform. In a statement, they said they had permanently blocked Wing’s access to Uber as a driver-partner.

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