Ty Lawson Suspended for DUI Again

Basketball player Lawson

Professional athletes are humans, too, and like most of us, they occasionally make the same mistakes we do. Take driving under the influence for example. However, some teams are holding their players to certain standards and a DUI conviction can lead to a suspension.

Houston Rockets guard Ty Lawson has been suspended for a second time this season. This second suspension is again related to a DUI.

The suspension was for three games, in which Lawson will also forego pay. This most recent suspension stems from DUI charges in Los Angeles back in July. It has been nearly, but not quite, a year since another DUI charge that occurred in Denver in January of 2015. That incident saw Lawson suspended for two games.

In a twist of irony, Lawson was not even playing for the Rockets at the time of the offenses he committed. He had been playing for the Nuggets and had been traded to the Rockets prior to the NBA deciding upon his punishment.

As part of the terms of his suspension, Lawson missed games against Utah, Indiana, and Memphis.

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