Ty Lawson Pleads No Contest to DUI

Basketball player Lawson

A DUI is a serious offense. For those that play professional sports, a DUI charge can result in the loss of the right to play. Leagues sometimes suspend players who are convicted of or plead to DUI charges.

In Denver this past January, basketball player Ty Lawson plead no contest to a DUI charge. The NBA, in return, suspended the player for two games.

The guard for the Rockets just now settled his case for a DUI in Los Angeles. The DUI charge was brought against the player back in July. It is his second DUI offense this year.

Lawson will not spend any time in jail. After pleading no-contest to this charge as well, he was sentenced to four years probation.

A plea of no-contest is not an admission of guilt. Still, the NBA has precedent for suspending the player. The league suspended Mavericks forward Devin Eubanks for two games back in 2013.

It took nearly a month after the pleading in the Denver case for the NBA to act to suspend Lawson. The NBA is likely waiting for everything to be finalized before making a decision. It will not be surprising if the player is suspended again.

This will likely affect Lawson’s trade value.

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